JCK Group provides our customers with strong, durable products with unparalleled customer service. We carry Rebar in lengths of 20 ft., 40 ft., and 60 ft.; Grades of 60, 40 and No Grade; and Bar Sizes: #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8.

Generally, reinforcing steel bars are either carbon-steel (conforming to ASTM A615) or low-alloy steel (conforming to ASTM A706).

Reinforcing bars typically come in two primary grades: Grade 40, which has a minimum yield strength of 40,000 psi, and Grade 60, which has a yield strength of 60,000 psi. The metric equivalents for these are Grade 420, which has equivalent yield strength of 420 MPa (megapascals) and Grade 520, which has an equivalent yield strength of 520 MPa.

Steel Reinforcing bars are produced by pouring molten steel into casters and then running it through a series of stands in the mill, which shape the steel into reinforcing bars. The cross hatchings, called “deformations,” help transfer the load between concrete and steel.

For buildings, bridges, highways and runways, the cast-in-place concrete “body” and shop-fabricated steel “musculature” of reinforcing bar work in tandem to create one of the most durable and most economical composite materials.

Reinforced concrete is composite material. The concrete provides the material's compressive strength, while the steel - in the form of embedded reinforcing bars - provides tensile strength.


Rebar Chart

Rebar is available in different grades and specifications that vary in yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, chemical composition, and percentage of elongation.

The grade designation is equal to the minimum yield strength of the bar in ksi (1000 psi). For instance grade 60 rebar has a minimum yield strength of 60 ksi. Rebar is typically manufactured in grades of 40, 60, and 75.

Common specifications are:

« ASTM A 615 Deformed and plain carbon-steel bars for concrete reinforcement
« ASTM A 706 Low-alloy steel deformed and plain bars for concrete reinforcement
« ASTM A 955 Deformed and plain stainless-steel bars for concrete reinforcement
« ASTM A 996 Rail-steel and axle-steel deformed bars for concrete reinforcement